Kettle Stones Provincial Park

The 4 km² (1.5 mile²) Kettle Stones Provincial Park, on the north side of the Kettle Hills of Swan-Pelican Provincial Forest, features sandstone formations known locally as kettle stones. The stones, ranging in size from 45 cm (18 inches) to 5.5 m (18 feet), rise above the landscape like stone sentinels. The park is the only place in Manitoba where kettle stones—considered sacred by the First Nations people—can be observed in their original setting. The park is located 70 km (45 miles) northeast of Swan River near the southeast shore of Swan Lake. The route east from PR268 is not paved and is impassable when wet, so it should not be attempted by car or van. A 2.4 m (8?foot) diameter kettle stone discovered during excavations in Swan River is on display at the Swan River Visitor Information Centre.

Swan River
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