Skiing - Cross Country

Enjoy the tranquility of a Parkland winter
A family of four enjoying the great cross country ski trails.

Groomed trails of varying levels of difficulty exist throughout Riding Mountain National Park, including the Oak Ridge and Scott Creek Trails at the east edge of the park, and the Moose Lake Trail at the southwest corner of the park near Silver Creek. A trail at Wasagaming is lit for nighttime skiing.

The Moose Lake Cross-Country Ski Trail is located at the southwest corner of Riding Mountain National Park at Silver Creek off PR264. The trail loops for approximately 10 km (6 miles) through aspen deciduous forest over moderately undulating terrain. There is a warming hut located near the shores of Moose Lake approximately 3 km (1.85 miles) from the trailhead. This trail is located in Riding Mountain National Park, so skiers must have a valid Park Pass.

Groomed trails at Childs, Wellman and Glad Lakes (Duck Mountain Provincial Park) range in length from 2 km to 10 km (1.25 to 6.25 miles). Visit the Manitoba Conservation offices near Duck Mountain or Riding Mountain for trail information for the parks. For conditions and information on cross-country skiing in Riding Mountain, phone 204-848-7275.

Riding Mountain Loppet, annually in March, Clear Lake. A Norwegian term for a long-distance cross-country ski race, a “loppet” is for anyone who loves the joy of gliding across the snow, whether for fun or for competition. The Riding Mountain Loppet has distances of 1.0 km (Chipmunk), 2.7 km (Lynx), 5.7 km (Jackrabbit), 13 km (Cougar) or 26 km (Wolf) for skiers of all ages and skill levels