A “steeple”chase through the Parkland
Multi-storey, onion-domed Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of the Ascension, Angusville, Manitoba, with bell carillon in the foreground.

Of particular interest to visitors to the Parkland are the churches. Never was the burden of homesteading too great, nor resources too scarce, for the construction in each town of one or more churches, often modest in dimensions, but grand in design, in the true spirit of Old World architecture.

The traditional onion domes are the dominant feature of most historic Parkland churches. Nearly any church you find in the Parkland will be worth a closer look. You’ll find them in every town, along the highway, and hidden among groves of trees down little?used side roads.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church


Built in 1911 at a cost of $1,500, this church is a rare example of log Ukrainian churches in Manitoba. It is designed on the cruciform plan with three domes (banyas), the larger dome dominating the centre of the structure and the smaller domes crowning two frontal towers. Other features are pointed stained glass windows, a large church patron icon and paintings of holy images. » more

Assumption of the Virgin Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Church


The present church was built in 1928 with timber from nearby Riding Mountain, and restored in 1997. The first log church was built in 1905 on donated land which is now a cemetery. Interior visits by appointment. » more

Garland United Church


Originally called St. John’s Ruthenian Presbyterian Church, it was built in 1916 by the Presbyterian Church of Canada who, at that time, had undertaken to convert Ukrainian pioneers to the Presbyterian faith. The church’s congregation became part of the new United Church of Canada in 1925. » more

Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church

Sandy Lake

Built in 1937, this classic Byzantine church features icons painted by P. Lypynsky. On the church grounds is the belfry, each corner of which is adorned with an angel blowing a trumpet. Call for information and to arrange a tour. » more

Holy Redeemer Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church


This church is a shining example of pioneer ingenuity and spiritual strength. The church itself is built from a school brought into town from the Silverton area. Though plain on the outside, the inside is magnificently decorated with painted artwork and religious treasures. » more

Lakedale Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church and Bell Tower


The first Ukrainian settlers to the Lakedale District arrived in 1899?1900. In 1904, under the leadership of Father A. Delaray, the present church was built. Services are still held here, with the building and graveyard being faithfully maintained by members. » more

Ochre River United Church

Ochre River

The Ochre River United Church, a provincial heritage site, was built in 1908 with logs from nearby Riding Mountain National Park. » more

Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Church


This stone church, also known as Cathedral of the North, was built in 1912 near Camperville. It marks the legacy of Roman Catholic missionaries who first visited the area in 1839, many years before large?scale agricultural settlement began. » more

Ruthenia Greek Catholic Church of the Ascension (1940)

Sandy Lake

A small and unadorned church with only a small cross at the top of the gable end and an adjacent bell tower, it is typical of religious architecture in Manitoba. » more

Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Toutes Aides

This memorable piece of architecture, built in 1937, replaces an earlier church from 1910. Jacob Maydanyk created some of the icons within. The dome is open to the inside bringing in light that creates a space that enriches the spirit. » more

St. Elijah Romanian Orthodox Church and Romanian Folk House


St. Elijah Romanian Orthodox Church is the only church of its kind in North America, together with a traditional Romanian home. The church was built in 1908 and is a replica of Romanian Orthodox churches in Bukovyna, with a simple rectangular shape with a rounded end, interior sculptured rafters, processional crosses and icons. The house, built in 1906, is typically Romanian in construction, with the characteristic deep?sloping roof on all four sides with rounded, shingled corners. » more

St. John Cantius Roman Catholic Church


Built in 1929 at a cost of $6,000, this church possesses a fine tower crowned with a tall spire. Pointed arches cap the windows and doors. » more

St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church, Dolyny (valleys)


Built by local farmers with a background in carpentry, this is an exceptional example of the distinct tradition of a cross?shaped plan topped with a dome. It is one of the first churches where the dome opened into the church, creating a light?filled space symbolic of heaven. This church is a provincially designated heritage site. » more

St. Margaret’s Anglican Church


Constructed by volunteers between April and May 1940, St Margaret’s was served by missionaries known as “Bishop’s Messengers” for 39 years. Then, Rev. Squires was followed by Rev. Lamb, until the service of deconsecration in 2003 marked the church’s closing. A complete history is housed in this municipally?designated heritage building. » more

St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church


St. Michael’s, one of the oldest churches in the area, was built in 1904. The original belfry, constructed in 1915, was later sold. Jacob Maydaniuk painted the interior icons in 1927. This building is a designated historic site. Call for more information and to arrange a tour. » more

St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Sandy Lake

A classic example of the style of architecture transplanted to the region from Ukraine, this church stands adorned with majestic onion domes and stained?glass windows. Visitors to this unique church are always welcome. » more

St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church

Sandy Lake

This is the oldest Ukrainian Catholic parish in the area, with the first service held in 1902 in a private home. A log church was built in 1904, replaced by the current structure in 1933. The church features the prominent central dome and vivid interior iconography typical of all such churches in the area. Call for information or to arrange a tour. » more

St. Vlad’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church, College and Grotto


Built in 1942, the college was the only Ukrainian Catholic minor seminary and boarding school in Canada, and the only Catholic high school in Manitoba outside of Winnipeg. The Grotto overlooking the entrance grounds to the original building was used as a stage for outdoor masses and is an iconic symbol of the site’s history. The adjacent Holy Redeemer Ukrainian Catholic Church was constructed in 1961 to serve the community, and still does to this day. » more

Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church (1917)


The first priest in the area, a French Oblate, ministered to local Aboriginal peoples during the 1850s. His successor provided spiritual guidance to the early settlers and the church was built. Now, it is used only for special occasions. Look for a small circular window in the facade. » more

Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church


The original church was built in 1901, but disagreements within the parish led to the construction of a second nearby church in 1904. It remained in use until 1959. Since its restoration in 1978, it has opened annually on its Patron Saint’s Day (July 12) for a public mass and family picnic. » more

Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church


Open air services were held at this site before the church was constructed in 1938 by Michael Swistun and ten volunteers. Great care was taken with small details, and finely carved decorations are found throughout the church. A special service and dinner accompanies the Patron Saint’s Day each year on July 12. » more

Tamarisk United Church


This is an outstanding example of a rural wood frame church. Local residents have meticulously maintained the building and its furnishings, and the interior remains almost completely original stained wood boarding.

» more

The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Winnipegosis Farm Church)


Built in 1905, this building is historically significant not only as a pioneer church and cemetery but also as the first church in the area to be incorporated in the Ukrainian Catholic Churches of Winnipeg Archeparchy. This site includes the church, a bell tower, a large wooden cross, a cemetery with more than 156 graves, and a cairn erected in 1995.

» more

Toutes Aides Roman Catholic Church

Ste. Rose du Lac

Construction on this municipal heritage site began in 1935. The style is reminiscent of Quebec parish churches of the 1800s. » more

Trembowla Cross of Freedom Historic Site and St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church


A stone cross and commemorative plaque mark the site of the first Ukrainian Catholic mass to be held in Canada (1897). A nearby collection of historic buildings—St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church (c.1898, the oldest remaining Ukrainian Catholic church in Canada), a pioneer home, and a school—house artifacts from early Ukrainian settlers. » more

Tummel United Church


The walls of the first church were erected on June 21, 1887 and the new church was built in 1906. Tummel Church is the oldest active church in the Municipality of Hillsburg – Roblin – Shell River. » more

Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist


Completed in 1964, the new church building replaced one originally constructed in 1911. The building and its facade and domes are classic examples of the architectural traditions of eastern Europe. Located in the village of Garland. » more

Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception


Renowned designer Father Philip Ruh planned this church in the style of the ornate Baroque churches of Kiev, Ukraine. The church, built in 1929 and now designated as a municipal heritage site, is one of the finest examples of what have come to be called “prairie cathedrals,” with its towering dome and dramatic facade.

» more

Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception


Renowned designer Father Philip Ruh planned this church in the style of the ornate Baroque churches of Kiev, Ukraine. The church, built in 1929 and now designated as a municipal heritage site, is one of the finest examples of what have come to be called “prairie cathedrals,” with its towering dome and dramatic facade. » more

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist


The building was completed in 1932. The church celebrates its Feast Day on July 7, 2014 with the congregation of the Ukrainian Catholic Church located nearby. » more