Historic Sites & Buildings

Discover the Parkland of days gone by
Historic grain elevators in the Parkland

Asessippi Town Site


The remnants of the abandoned town can be found along the shores of the Shell River just west of PTH83 near Inglis. The community sprang up in anticipation of the coming rail line, but then disappeared soon after the railway was diverted elsewhere. » more

Boulton Manor


Major Charles Boulton, founder of the town of Russell, brought troops to Batoche during the Northwest Rebellion of 1885. His former home is now bed and breakfast suites. » more

East Gate Registration Complex National Historic Site of Canada

Riding Mountain National Park

This overhanging log structure built in 1933 is the only structure of its kind remaining in Canada. The drive through the park on PTH19 offers scenic vistas along the Manitoba escarpment. » more

Historic Driving Tour


This tour takes visitors through the Russell area to 15 historic sites. Enjoy the drive as you take a trip though the past. GPS locations are included for those who enjoy the challenge. Guide books, which include a map, are available at various Russell-area businesses, or at the Russell Tourism Visitor Centre.

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Inglis Grain Elevators National Historic Site


In the 1930s there were over 6,000 grain elevators in western Canada; now there are fewer than 850. At Inglis, the last remaining row of five standard plan grain elevators has been carefully restored. Guided tours, interpretive centre and arts and crafts gift shop. Admission charged. » more

Ivan Franko Heritage Hall (Ukrainian National Heritage Home)


This community hall is often mistaken for an Orthodox-style church because of its three onion domes. Halls like this one were common in many Ukrainian communities in the area, and always played a central role in preserving Ukrainian culture in Canada. This hall was built in 1934, and still features the original curtain and stage, as well as memorabilia celebrating famous Ukrainian poets such as Franko and Chevchenko. » more

Life & Art Centre


Built in 1908 as the Knox United Church, this historic building is now home to the Life & Art Centre. » more

Lt. Col. Wm. (Billy) Barker VC Commemorative Plaque


This plaque commemorates Barker’s national recognition as one of the most celebrated war heroes of World War I. An ace pilot, this young man from Dauphin gained international prominence and recognition and was awarded the Victoria Cross. » more

Original Fort Dauphin Site Cairn


A large stone cairn at Winipegosis commemorates the original site of Fort Dauphin, built in this vicinity in 1741 by explorer Pierre de la Verendrye, the eldest son of Pierre Gaultier De Varennes La Verendrye.

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Park Theatre


Park Theatre was built in 1936-37 using saddle-notched logs to designs prepared by the National Parks’ Architectural Division. It was the only log cinema built in a national park, if not in all of Canada. The theatre auditorium features exposed log beams and rafters with decorative wrought ironwork. » more

Red Deer Lake Heritage Site


The former community of Barrows sprang up almost overnight at the site of the Red Deer Lumber Co., on the south shore of Red Deer Lake. It disappeared just as quickly when the company shut down the mill in 1926. One of the remaining stone structures from the former community bears a plaque designating this as a heritage site. » more

Riding Mountain National Park of Canada Visitor Centre


The Visitor Centre is the place to find all the information you need to explore Riding Mountain National Park. The discovery room is filled with displays, dioramas and information. The Centre also includes a theatre and reception area. Wheelchair accessible. » more

Self-Guided Walking Tour


The tour features some of the oldest homes, businesses and historic points of interest along Memorial Avenue. On Main Street, visitors will see historic buildings that housed the town’s first businesses. Visitors will also see the beautiful scenery and learn about Russell’s history and culture. Guide books are available at various Russell-area businesses, or at the Russell Tourism Visitor Centre.

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Selo Ukraina Ukrainian Heritage Village and Memorial Park


An outdoor 10,000-seat amphitheatre, auditorium and multipurpose facilities offer a unique venue for festivals and entertainment such as Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival and Dauphin’s Countryfest. Located on the northern escarpment of Riding Mountain, the site includes a pioneer village and Ukrainian artifact museum. A memorial site pays tribute to historic people and events. Call for tour information. » more

The Gilbert Plains Beef Ring Building

Gilbert Plains

The Gilbert Plains Beef Ring Building represents the innovation of prairie pioneers in coping with their environment. This building was a small slaughterhouse, where each week during the summer a member of the Beef Ring supplied a steer that was kept overnight and processed the next day. Each member’s portion was placed in his sugar sack and hung on the row of nails along two walls. The Beef Ring operated from 1923 until 1951 when rural electrification made it unnecessary. Call to arrange a tour. » more

The Negrych Farmstead

Gilbert Plains

The Negrych Farmstead is one of the most impressive folk sites in North America. At this national historic site, you’ll find the oldest and most complete set of farm buildings on the continent built in the Ukrainian style of the Carpathian Mountain region. » more

The Smellie Block


The Smellie Block, once the headquarters for the Smellie Family Creamery and Mercantile, and also the main store and distribution centre for a network of rural stores, is now an historic building on Russell’s main street. The building currently houses a law office. » more

The Spinning Wheel Cairn


The Spinning Wheel Cairn honours Sifton pioneer families and recognizes Willard McPhedrain, founder of the Mary Maxim?Company. » more

The Vault

Gilbert Plains

Located in Eldon Cemetery in the RM of Gilbert Plains is a small cement building known as the mausoleum or the vault. Although the cemetery was established in 1895, and the 1921 municipal council called for tenders to build a vault, it was not constructed until 1923 and has only been used on a few occasions. It is one of a very few remaining in Manitoba and is in the process of becoming a provincial heritage site. » more

Trembowla Cross of Freedom Historic Site and St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church


A stone cross and commemorative plaque mark the site of the first Ukrainian Catholic mass to be held in Canada (1897). A nearby collection of historic buildings—St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church (c.1898, the oldest remaining Ukrainian Catholic church in Canada), a pioneer home, and a school—house artifacts from early Ukrainian settlers. » more

Ukrainian Pioneer Dwelling


When Ukrainian settlers first arrived in the area west of Riding Mountain in 1899, their first homes were small, tent?shaped pole structures with roofs of hay, known as buddas. Michael Swistun was born in one of these structures in 1900, and constructed two buddas near the original settlement trail. » more