Fall and winter are great times of the year to visit Manitoba’s Parkland.

Get swept up in our history and historic sites – or plan an adventure getaway. From hiking and exploring, to cross-country skiing and winter camping, there’s much to see and do in the Parkland. Plan your escape today.

Trails & Hiking

Get out and enjoy the meandering trails of the Parkland.

A family enjoying the cross-country ski trail

Skiing (Cross-Country)

Get your skis and poles ready for some fun this winter.

Snowmobiling in the Parkland


Get your engine revved up and ready to hit the snow.

Ice-fishing in the Parkland


Drop a line in our deep, clear lakes this winter.

Explore Our Parks

The Parkland has many beautiful, pristine, and unique parks. Whether you are looking for a fast paced adventure or a relaxing weekend away, this highly popular area of Manitoba will not disappoint.

Hiking in Manitoba's Parkland
Multi-storey, onion-domed Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of the Ascension, Angusville, Manitoba, with bell carillon in the foreground.

Visit the Past

The history of human settlement in the Parkland area spans 10,000 years, and is a story of people at once taming and succumbing to the landscape around them. The climate has always been harsh, the seasons extreme, but the perseverance that characterized the area’s early settlers was rewarded with good, fertile soil and bountiful harvests in a land full of natural beauty and resources.