About Manitoba's Parkland

Welcome to a very special region of Manitoba

Discover Manitoba’s Parkland, where streams continue to flow through unknown woods as they have for ages, and wild animals still rule over vast sections of forest and meadow.

That is not to say that mankind has left no mark here—the Parkland is rich in grain and livestock production, and villages, towns, and small cities dot the landscape—but here, people have set aside much of the land as they found it, and have learned to live in harmony with nature, achieving a balance whereby it can sometimes be difficult to tell where nature’s domain ends, and mankind’s begins. It is a most rare and special place.

Here you can find pristine lakes, cool, refreshing streams, rolling grasslands, sprawling forests, and even the prairie mountains.
But you will also find history reflecting over 10,000 years of human settlement by the region’s First Nations. And you can sense the pervading spirit of ingenuity and accomplishment that allowed the area’s first settlers to carve a rewarding existence out of the landscape, often in the face of remarkable adversity.

More than anything else, however, those who take the time to explore Manitoba’s Parkland region will find memories to last a lifetime.

Whether you’re after some of Manitoba’s best fishing, or looking for a unique shopping or dining experience, you’ll find just what you’re looking for between these covers. But there is certainly more to the Parkland than could be fit within these pages. Keep a sharp lookout during your travels, for adventures may appear around every corner. Be sure to visit us at parklandtourism.com throughout the year for the latest announcement, news and events.

— Parkland Tourism Association