Original Fort Dauphin Site Cairn

A large stone cairn at Winipegosis commemorates the original site of Fort Dauphin, built in this vicinity in 1741 by explorer Pierre de la Verendrye, the eldest son of Pierre Gaultier De Varennes La Verendrye.

Self-Guided Walking Tour

The tour features some of the oldest homes, businesses and historic points of interest along Memorial Avenue. On Main Street, visitors will see historic buildings that housed the town’s first businesses. Visitors will also see the beautiful scenery and learn about...

Historic Driving Tour

This tour takes visitors through the Russell area to 15 historic sites. Enjoy the drive as you take a trip though the past. GPS locations are included for those who enjoy the challenge. Guide books, which include a map, are available at various Russell-area...

The Vault

Located in Eldon Cemetery in the RM of Gilbert Plains is a small cement building known as the mausoleum or the vault. Although the cemetery was established in 1895, and the 1921 municipal council called for tenders to build a vault, it was not constructed until 1923...

Asessippi Town Site

The remnants of the abandoned town can be found along the shores of the Shell River just west of PTH83 near Inglis. The community sprang up in anticipation of the coming rail line, but then disappeared soon after the railway was diverted elsewhere.