Harley House

The oldest surviving house in the Swan Valley, originally belonging to dominion land agent Hugh Harley (1848-1918), has been preserved in Swan River by the Swan Valley Historical Museum. The building, erected in 1900 of logs that are now concealed by stucco, is a...

Watson Crossley Community Museum

The museum has a large collection from the early history of the community, including displays of antique automobiles and farm machinery, a pioneer home, rural school house, early settlers log house, old Ukrainian Orthodox Church, restored 1918 Rumley tractor, and...

Gordon Orr Museum

The Gordon Orr Museum reflects the history of settlement of the Binscarth area with displays of a summer kitchen, general store, livery stable, old-fashioned one-room school and church, in addition to agricultural and military displays.

The Beth Naylor Historic Clothing Collection

The Beth Naylor Historic Clothing Collection opens a window to the past and into the lives of the people who lived then. Miss Naylor began collecting clothing in the late 1930s, and her collection ha since grown to some 600 pieces. Thirty of these date from th e1800s,...

Gilbert Plains Museum and Tourist Information Centre

Gilbert Plains Museum and Tourist Information Centre houses a variety of local artifacts from early settlers of the area, including the community’s first hand?pulled fire wagon, the original horse?pulled fire wagon and the first motorized fire truck.